Economics Defined by a 12 Year Old

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In this episode, Zacc sits down with a group of young men ranging from 11-13 years old. They’re asked a series of questions about their finances and what they do to earn money. What do kids think is the typical average income? How much should kids be earning for jobs at this age? Should they get an allowance? How should they spend their earnings? Listen to hear the different perspectives and advice Zacc gives to these young men.‍Key Talking Points – Episode #23 11, 12, 13 year old economic lesson.They talk about how they earn money and how hard it is to save at their ageKids earn money by mowing lawns, washing windows, dog sitting, etc.How do they decide how much to charge for each job?Zacc gives solutions to how they can earn more money with the jobs they already have How to negotiate a better deal What would they do with $1000? Spend all of itSpend part of it and save the restPut it in the bankBuy stock

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