Get Divorced for $640,000

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There are lots of reasons why people get divorced, but have you ever heard of someone getting divorced to get a better social security benefit? Capita Advisor, Jayson McGinnis, shares the story of a client who is considering just that. Sounds crazy? If someone offered you $640,000 to get divorced and remarried, you might do the same. Listen to find out if Sue & Denny split. Surprisingly, a quick divorce could earn you some extra cash. ‍Key Talking Points – Episode #26Who is Jayson McGinnis? How does Capita work with SS compared with Fidelity Investments?Who are Sue and Denny?Sue was married 30 years when her husband passed away. Three years later, Sue was remarried at the age of 57 to Denny. At the age of 62, Sue lost her job and started exploring her social security benefit options to replace her income. Jayson compares the numbers of Sue’s social security benefits and learns that Sue’s survivor benefit from her previous husband is $900/month more than any other benefit. The eligibility to receive this survivor benefit is that Sue is single or remarried after the age of 60. Could Sue & Denny get divorced and remarried in order to qualify for $900/month more for the rest of their lives? Jayson and Zacc discuss the possibility.

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