Why Resolutions Don’t Work

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Terri Flint, the doctor of well-being, teaches us why our new year’s resolutions aren’t working for us. After the diagnosis, Terri lays out a treatment plan to help us better prepare for our goals, assess our readiness, and make changes that actually work for our individual needs.‍Outline – Episode #29Who is Terri Flint? What does she do? Terri discusses what kind of struggles she has faced in retirement.Focus on the important few and forget the unimportant many.Terri discusses why resolutions don’t work.1 – Many times we don’t fail to keep our resolutions, but instead we fail to prepare to keep our resolutions.2 – Are you really ready to put the work in? Not high enough on the readiness scale.Took weed on a private jet internationally3 – Giving up because you think you’re a failure. Be a scientist and focus on the environment and what you learned.Have a growth mindset.Focus on progress, not on outcomes…measure better!Terri and Zacc talk about their favorite books to help them achieve change.‍

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